The Short Term Trading Workshop

Learn To Trade Financial Markets Like A Pro

The Short Term Trading Workshop is a complete package that will teach you professional trading skills. The workshop is ideal for individuals who are transitioning from buy and hold strategies to short term and/or day trading.

The material is divided into 22 modules that are simple to understand and do not require advanced technical or trading knowledge.  All concepts are broken down into concise explanations and simple examples to get you started quickly on the right track.

Learn time tested trading principles that apply to stocks, ETF’s, currencies and futures contracts. The workshop provides over 4 hours of video instruction and hundreds of visual examples with clear and simple to understand explanations.

The workshop includes 90 days of e-mail support, response time is usually 24 hours. Our professional staff will take the time to answer all your questions and updates will be provided to clients free of any additional fees or costs.

Access the members are and enjoy the short term trading workshop any time day or night. You have unlimited access to the video modules and you can watch them as often as you like.

What You Will Learn

Learn how technical analysis can transform your trading to a new level with technical indicators. Develop the skill to gauge market strength and weakness in real time. We cover several entry indicators as well as exit indicators so you can find one that matches your risk tolerance and profit objective.

Learn how to pick the right stop loss level for different market conditions. The workshop will teach you  how to place stop loss levels that adjust automatically to the markets volatility and prevent premature stop levels from liquidating your position prematurely.

Discover short selling and how you can benefit from trading both sides of the market with equal exposure. Learn about draw downs and how you can measure your risk levels just like the pro’s.

Take the guess work out of placing profit targets levels with simple to understand methodology. Discover professional trading techniques that will help you maximize your profit potential and reduce risk at the same time.

And There’s More….

Learn about expectancy and how positive expectancy can turn a losing strategy into a winning one.

The workshop includes a module that will teach you about market psychology and how to develop a winning mind set. This module alone is worth the price of the workshop.

There’s even a module that will teach you about market correlation and risk. Learn how correlation can decrease risk and provide you with additional diversification at the same time.

Take an interactive 130 question quiz, includes both multiple choice and true and false questions and test your knowledge after completing the video modules.

Special Bonus: I Will Also Teach You

You will also learn 4 unique trading strategies that you won’t find anywhere else. These are proprietary trading strategies that are based on the principles that you will learn in the workshop modules.

Apply the strategies to Stocks, ETF’s,  Currencies and Commodities in any time frame. The video modules will provide you numerous examples and walk you through the use of these strategies step by step.

The strategies have specified entry and exit levels as well as stop loss risk parameters that will keep you in winning trades and cut your losers quickly to preserve your capital.

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What Our Clients Say About The Short Term Trading Workshop

“You taught me some great trading concepts that will stay with me for a long time. I’m grateful to your company for such a great workshop.”

Jake R.
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

“The short term trading workshop was worth 10 times what I paid for it. Clear instruction with lot’s of visual examples, just what I like. “

Bret H.
Tallahassee, Florida

English is not my first language and I was very happy to understand everything you explained very clearly. Your customer support is excellent and my questions were answered quickly. I’m trading small but finally getting off the ground. “

Andre A.
Helsinki, Finland

“The module about psychology and correlation was worth the price of the workshop. This is my third purchase from your company and I’m very pleased to say the least.”

Fred M.
Frenso, California

Sign Up For The Short Term Trading Workshop Today!
One Time Payment $197.00


What Our Clients Say About The Short Term Trading Workshop

“The workshop was just what I needed to understand what swing trading is all about. You did a great job of providing excellent material.”

Victor M.
Plano, Texas

“Roger, you know your stuff…you really do know what your talking about. Thanks for another great workshop…will keep practicing. “

Carlos P.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Your staff was very professional and pleasure to deal with. My trading improved and my stress level decreased. I liked the psychology module very much. “

Bill D.
Troy, New York

“I liked the patterns and the set ups, very original and easy to understand. You helped me and I want to let you know that they work great with currencies and stocks.”

Vince K.
Coon Rapids, Minnesota


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