Sniper-7 Momentum Trading Strategy


The Sniper-7 Will Help You Generate Profits Without The Guesswork  

Learn a disciplined approach to trading and eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty. Professional traders avoid emotional trading and so should you. The Sniper-7 breakout strategy provides simple to understand entry and exit rules that beginners as well as experienced traders can follow. Each part of the Sniper-7 is demonstrated and nothing is left out. Several examples are provided as we walk you through the strategy step by step.

The Sniper-7 Will Automatically Adjust Your Stops And Profit Targets

The Sniper-7 is a dynamic strategy that automatically adjusts volatility levels to current market conditions. This means you will know exactly where to place your stop loss level and your profit target level at the time you you enter the trade and more importantly the strategy will adjust the level automatically so you never have to worry about guessing where to place your orders again. .

Some Of The Things You Will Learn From Using The Sniper-7 

  • How to use volatility to determine your exits
  • How to measure the strength of the trend
  • How to combine indictors to increase your profits
  • How trading psychology impacts your trading
  • How to set partial profit target levels correctly
  • How entry filters can increase your winners

Special Bonus: I Will Also Teach You…..

  • How to select markets for the Sniper 7 strategy
  • How to use indicators to measure market trends
  • How to set risk levels that adjust automatically

And There’s More….

  • Visual examples that will walk your through the strategy step by step
  • Free 60 day email support to help you get started with the Sniper-7
  • Discover how professional traders maximize their profit potential

Price: One Time Payment Only $147.00

Sniper 7

What Our Clients Say About The Sniper-7 Breakout Strategy

“I started with the MAC-10 and loved it. You have me more feedback and support than I could have asked for. I profited from your methods and can’t wait for the advanced workshop”
Fred S. Columbus, Ohio

“What I like about your strategies is the back-testing, lot’s of people have opinions and theories but you back up what you claim with numbers”
Steven A. Bismarck, North Dekota

“Thanks for providing me with methods that I can actually trade with. I learned many strategies and set ups that looked good on paper but they didn’t work out. Thanks for delivering as promised!”
Brian C. Pasadena, Los Angeles

“I want to continue learning new strategies from Market Geeks. You teach well and I can understand the material. I don’t speak English well but you make it simple to understand”
 Santiago S. Madrid, Spain

“I trade stocks and futures contracts. The strategies work great using daily and intraday time frame. Thank you Roger, your help is always appreciated”
Ken T. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Price: One Time Payment Only $147.00

Sniper 7
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