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V-Bounce Volume Spike Strategy  One Time Payment $397



Sign Up For The V-Bounce Volume Spike Strategy Today! Price: One Time Payment $397.00

  • Over 75 Minutes HD Video Tutorial That Walks You Through Every Part Of The V-Bounce Strategy Step By Step
  • No Confusing Indicators To Download Or Learn So You Can Begin Applying The V-Bounce Strategy Right Away
  • Low Risk And High Profit Potential So That Your Winners Can Outpace Your Losing Trades For Maximum Gains
  • Based On A Simple Technical Pattern And Set Up That You Will Learn To Identify Quickly On Any Technical Analysis Chart

Institutional fund buying pressure can cause the price of stocks and ETF’s to increase sharply and very rapidly. The V-Bounce Swing Trading strategy identifies periods when institutional trading funds are buying Stock and ETF shares aggressively. The V-Bounce strategy provides a strategic entry and exit method that will help you catch explosive price moves created by large institutional trading funds.

The V-Bounce enters stocks and ETF that are temporarily pausing so the risk per trade can be relatively small compared to the large profit potential on each trade. The average profit compared to the risk per trade is 3 to 1 and if you elect to use the second profit target method, then the profit potential to risk increases to 4 to 1. The V-Bounce strategy offers traders the advantage of powerful momentum price moves without the large risk and volatility that comes along with breakouts methods.

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Swing Trading Lab Mentorship One Year Program $2397


Sign Up for The Swing Trading Lab Mentorship Program Today: 12 Month Program $2397.00

  • Learn high probability winning swing trading tactics that work in different market conditions.
  • Get daily trade set ups, complete with entry, exit and stop loss levels, ready for next trading day.
  • Receive daily market analysis updates, complete with short term Global and U.S. market outlook.

What Types Of Strategies Are Taught And Traded In The Swing Trading Lab?

  • Eight different swing trading strategies, explained in detail, designed to work in different types of market cycles and with different volatility levels.
  • Breakout set ups that are created to take advantage of strong volatility levels and directional momentum, giving you opportunity for bigger gains.
  • Pullback or retracement style set ups are created to maximize lower volatility levels, offering less risk and high percentage of winning trades.
  • Technical trading patterns, based on time tested trading principles, offering both strong directional momentum as well as low risk per trade.

Get Daily Trade Set Ups That Are Ready For Big Price Gains!

  • Each day after the closing you will receive a list of set ups (trade ideas) based on the rules of the strategies, and screened rigorously by Roger Scott for low risk and high profit potential. 
  • Every set up comes complete with entry parameters, profit target levels as well as protective stop loss levels, so that you can easily place orders for the next trading day. 

Stay On Top Of Market Action With Daily Market Outlook Reports

  • Gain insight into current market environment, with strong focus on short term price action in both global as well as U.S. markets.
  • Learn how to interpret short term price action, based on technical analysis, market internals as well as fundamental factors that can cause large price gains.

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Floor Traders Edge Mentorship Program One Time Payment $997


Sign Up for The Floor Traders Edge Mentorship Program Today: 12 Month Program $997.00

Time Tested Day Trading Tactics That Make Consistent Profits

  • Very small risk per trade with absolutely no overnight exposure.
  • Simple to understand strategies that are easy to learn and apply daily.
  • Traded In real time market conditions for well over a decade consistently.

Traders Edge Mentorship Program Includes Everything You Need To Succeed

  • Detailed 2 hour video tutorials explaining the Hybrid 1 and Hybrid 2 Pullback Strategies broken down step by step into 8 modules.
  • Daily watch list of 15 to 20 screened stock and ETF day trading set ups that will alert you to potential trades for the following day.
  • Weekly stock market tactics and in depth market analysis that will help you prepare trading strategies for the upcoming week.
  • Nightly updated model portfolio that tracks the exact entry and exit for all traded stocks and ETF’s traded during the day session

Join a Trading Veteran with 20 Years Experience and Proven Track Record

  • Imagine having a professional trader mentor you on a daily basis
  • Discover how professional traders analyze real time market action
  • Learn tactics to help you maximize day trading profits and minimize risk

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Gravity Pullback Strategy One Time Payment $397


Sign Up For The Gravity Pullback Strategy Today! Price: One Time Payment $397.00

The Gravity Pullback Strategy is one of Market Geeks premium swing trading strategies. The Gravity is designed for short term pullbacks or retracements in the trend. The Gravity strategy uses low risk entry set ups when the market volatility is calming down, this makes the Gravity Strategy very effective with many different assets including Stocks, ETF’s, Options, and Forex.

The Gravity Strategy Tutorial was created by Roger Scott, Professional Hedge Fund Manager and Pro Trader and remains one of his favorite strategies for trading short term market swings. The Gravity Strategy comes with specific rules that are easy to follow and you don’t have to monitor the markets all day.

The Gravity comes with specific rules so that you will know where to place your entry, exit and profit target ahead of time. The Gravity was back tested on several different markets and works well in real time market conditions. There is no indicators to download or install on your computer and the strategy is not complicated to learn.  The Gravity Strategy uses volatility stops and partial profit targets to help you minimize risk and maximize your trading profits.

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Options Geeks 101 and 102 Workshops One Time Payment $427

Designed specifically for options traders who want to master practical options trading principles and trading methods. We take the boring math and theory out of options trading and give your specific trading strategies and methods that work with directional options strategies, options spreads and options income strategies.

  • Over 2 Hours Of HD Video Training That Teaches Real World Options Strategies
  • Proprietary Set Ups Created To Give You An Edge In Different Market Conditions
  • Technical Analysis Methods Specifically Designed For Options Traders
  • Options Tactics That Can Cut Risk And Increase Your Profit Potential
  • Avoid Common Options Mistakes That Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

Learn how to trade with volatility on your side each time you initiate a new position and learn the 2 filters that pro traders use to determine range bound markets for income strategies and trending filter for low volatility pullbacks, the two filters alone are worth more than the price of the workshops. Includes 16 modules and over 2 hours of High Definition video instruction.

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MAC -10 High Probability Breakout Strategy One Time Payment $147



Sign Up For The MAC-10 Strategy Today! Price: One Time Payment $147.00

The MAC-10 is a professional short term trading strategy, which adjusts to volatility levels and market conditions dynamically without having to adjust indicators. You won’t have to guess where to place your stop loss order or your profit target levels. Each part of the MAC-10 strategy is explained in detail and all rules are disclosed and demonstrated.

The MAC-10 was back tested across hundreds of stocks, ETF’s, futures, currencies and commodities and can be utilized for swing trading and day trading volatile markets.

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Sniper-7  Short Term Trading Strategy

Price: One Time Payment Only $147.00

Sniper 7

Sign Up For The Sniper-7  Strategy Today! Price: One Time Payment $147.00

The Sniper-7 is a short term momentum strategy that was originally designed by a professional hedge fund manager for swing trading stocks and currency contracts. The strategy was designed to provide higher percentage of winning trades than traditional breakout methods and uses multiple profit targets to lock in winning positions quickly.

The Sniper-7 was back tested across numerous stocks,ETF’s, futures and Forex contracts and demonstrated very consistent profit to loss ratio and percentage of winning trades across all market tested. The Sniper-7 uses volatility indicators to automatically adjust trading levels without subjective interpretation.

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Short Term Trading Workshop



Sign Up For The Short Term Trading Workshop Today! One Time Payment $197.00

The short term trading workshop is a 4 hour streaming video course that summarizes the original 3 day workshop that Market Geeks offered live for several years.

The topics are divided into 22 modules and covers important topics such as entry indicators, technical indicators, expectancy, position equalization, trading psychology, risk management and 4 complete strategies that you can apply to stocks, ETF’s, futures, commodities and currencies. Learn important trading concepts and apply them to different financial markets.

Simple to understand, no advanced technical or trading knowledge required.

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Market Geeks Premium Membership


Sign Up For Premium Membership Today! Price: Sold Out

Join Roger Scott, a trading veteran with over 20 years of experience swing trading and day trading financial markets as he presents nightly video trading sessions.

Don’t miss important set ups, intra-day levels and trading opportunities that you can trade immediately. Learn step by step how professional traders analyze and trade stocks, ETF’s, futures, currencies and commodities.

Discover simple to learn trading tactics that offer increased opportunity for trading profit in different time frames and different market conditions. This is the best mentoring available for traders anywhere.

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