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Swing Trading Lab

Swing trade stocks and options using several high probability pullback and breakout tactics that trade long and short.

Options Income Formula 

Generate consistent weekly and monthly options income with limited risk credit spreads and iron condor spreads.


Aggressive bi-weekly stock rotation strategy that rotates into growth and tech stocks that are outperforming the market.

Floor Traders Edge 

Day trade stocks using two highly reliable trading systems that target consistent profits in bull and bear markets.

Market Cycle ETF

Aggressive ETF system that rotates bi-weekly between 4 different U.S. assets that profit in bull and bear markets.

Velocity Options Trader

Directional options pullback strategy that targets limited risk call options that are undervalued and ready for big gains.

Our Trading Education and Real-Time Advisory Alerts Can Give You a Proven Blueprint for Consistent Gains!

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Kyle W. 
Austin, TX

Market Geeks offers powerful tool for those who want to learn how to supplement or replace current income and build long term wealth!

Roger is amazingly effective instructor and his passion for helping others succeed comes through very clearly.

Thank you for helping me become consistently profitable in such a short period of time. 

James G. 
Tampa, FL

Your programs offer valuable information for anyone wishing to trade successfully in the markets.

I was very impressed with the high level of instruction provided. Roger knows the markets like no other.

I highly recommend your trading education and alert services to anyone who is dedicated to mastering the markets and wants to earn returns consistently.

Leon K.

Enrolling in the swing trading lab and your stock alert program gave me more confidence and ability to succeed. 

I got great tips and learned to keep things simple by focusing on indicators and price action that makes sense and works consistently over time.

I can't thank you enough for the help and attention.

Our Trading Education and Real-Time Advisory Alerts Can Give You a Proven Blueprint for Consistent Gains!