Best Swing Trading Websites – Top List For Active Traders

List Of The Best Swing Trading Websites Online

Good day traders, today I’m going to provide you a list of the best swing trading websites that provide free information.

One of the biggest issues for traders in this day and age where information is readily available is finding quality information.

In the past, before the internet, the only source of information for traders was books and magazines. Now there are thousands of sites that claim to be the best swing trading websites online.

I’m going to provide you a list of some of my favorite sites. You don’t have to pay anything to gain access to these sites and I’m not a paid advertiser for any of these sites. I’ve used them for years for some of my analysis and continue to do so on a regular basis.

Enjoy The Best Swing Trading Websites On The Internet

1. – These sites is the leading provider of economic news and events. They offer a subscription service, but most traders use them for their calendar. You can find out exactly what economic news is coming out and when it will be released.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is trading in a vacuum and holding positions during important news reports. This site will help you stay organized and avoid entering markets immediately before economic announcements.

2. – Another great site that is a bit more focused on the stock market then the general economy. You can still get your economic calendar, but in addition, there are sections devoted to earnings, stock market analysis, pre-opening calls, and a bunch of other great features that will help you stay on top of the current market environment.

3. – This website focuses on the stock market as well as futures and commodity markets around the world. You get daily stories as well as detailed information on different market sectors.

The site provides quotes, charts and great reasonably good commentary on most world financial markets. This is a wonderful site if you swing trade markets other than stocks.

There is also a great economic calendar and updates on earnings as well. Market Watch also has a charting service called The charts and indicators are both highly are highly customizable as well.

4. – This is another one of my favorite financial websites. You have to look around this site, but my suggestion is to go to the market data section.

There is a wealth of information there, I use the earnings page every morning to let me know exactly which stocks are going to have earnings announcements later in the day. I highly recommend this site for high quality market data.

5. – I stumbled on this site a while ago and knew from the start it would make my list of best swing trading websites. The site provides free filters and indicators to help you screen stocks.

There are dozens of free indicators you can use and for a small monthly fee, you can create your own indicators and with a touch of a button screen thousands of stocks to fit your criteria.

15 years ago, you would have to download the entire stock market database daily and then run it through Trade Station. The process would take 12 to 16 hours now it takes less than 5 seconds.  I highly recommend you add this to your list of the best swing trading websites.

6. – You may have visited this site or heard about it before, but I have to say it’s one of the oldest and most reliable sites for financial market data. You can get quotes and charts for a variety of stocks, futures, commodities around the world.

You will also find daily news and earnings information on important stocks as well. If you don’t subscribe to a paid chart service, you can get most of your quotes and charts for free.

The charts have dozens of indicators that you can adjust and modify to fit your time frame and trading style.

That’s my list for the Best Swing Trading Websites online today. There are many others, but I highly suggest you start with these first.

Wishing you the best!

Roger Scott
Senior Trainer
Market Geeks