The Fed painted themselves into a corner…

After lowering rates three times in 2019, it’s out of ammunition to stoke markets higher. Even the last two rate cuts failed to rally long-dated bonds -- they’ve been in a downtrend since August.

That’s why I believe Fed data will be less important going forward. In its place, economic data will be the catalyst that moves markets higher… or lower. 

That’s why I’m paying extra attention to these two massive economic reports..

In today’s video I’m also covering:

  • Market red flags you need to see.
  • Updates on the U.S./China trade war.
  • Why I’m really interested in these fast-moving stocks.
  • How to double your portfolio in 12-15 months.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

As I've mentioned several times over the past week, markets are expensive and stretched to the upside. 

So it's going to be a tough going for traditional investors and even most traders that focus on large-cap stocks.

But there's a solution... and it's why I've made my Cyborg symposium available again.

It's an aggressive strategy with the potential to double your entire portfolio over the next 12 months.