After the long weekend, stocks are coming out of the gate with a strong start -- fueled by a pre-market rally and positive news about two possible vaccines.

But attention is starting to shift toward how well the reopening is going. And I’ve got to be honest with you, I read quite a few reports over the weekend saying cases are on the rise again as a result of people not respecting personal space recommendations.

I’m really hoping we’re not heading toward a second massive shut-down… Just think what that would do to the economy. And while I know just as much about medicine as I do selling shoes, there’s one thing we know for certain -- check it out below

In today’s video, I’m also talking about the biggest fundamental factors impacting stocks… the strongest sector right now… the strongest tech stock right now… and the best option to buy right now.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

P.S. This global crisis has left a lot of things up to chance -- but not this explosive trading strategy.

There’s a specific stock that’s likely to make today’s traders $3,680 or more in just 10 trading sessions, and I want to give you its name. 

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