Now is the perfect time to take a step back and reflect on earnings. 

As I’ve mentioned before, fundamentals are important for traders to track because they determine the medium- and long-term trajectory of the market. So unless you’re a day trader, you’ll want to see what I just uncovered. 

We’ve now had a ton of S&P 500 members release numbers, enough to get a sense of the big earnings picture. 

The top-line number is that 73% of companies beat expectations, which is exactly what bulls want to see. But if you dig deeper into the numbers… really analyze them… there’s a few troubling trends I found that most investors and analyst missed.

Watch the video to see the numbers that should make bulls nervous.

 But that’s just the beginning of what I’m covering today. Find out...

  • Why retail is so important in the market and when to strike.
  • Why the U.S./China trade deal could break down.
  • Why the market is going to start to reflect its fundamentals.
  • The state of the market, from a technical perspective.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

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