Discover A Stock and Options Trading Strategy That Can Potentially...

Grow Your Trading Account Up To 266x And Generate Consistent Income Month After Month!

The Titan Equity Growth Strategy turned $10k into over $2.6 million in 6 years…while trading big cap stocks like Apple, Amazon and Tesla.

Leverage Over 22 Years of Expert Trading Experience to Help You Achieve Consistent Gains

My name is Roger Scott and I’m a retired hedge fund manager and expert trader with over 2 decades of experience in financial markets.

Between 1999 and 2009 I generated multi-million dollar returns for banks, financial institutions and ultra-wealthy clients.

I created Titan Equity Growth Program to help the average retail trader generate aggressive returns and consistent monthly income with low risk per trade.

And…you don’t need a large trading account, or complicated trading tactics. You definitely won’t take on massive risk or trade highly speculative trading strategies that have no statistical edge.

Titan Equity Growth Strategy gives you a simple, easy to follow bi-weekly rotations that combine just the right mix of 3 stocks and 1 bond ETF… to help you take your account growth to a whole new level.

There Are 3 Reasons Why Most Trading Strategies Are Doomed To Fail!

Retail traders continue to use trading strategies that were created before the first man landed on the moon in 1969…and expect them to work.

  • The great majority of technical indicators were created for commodity and currency contracts in the late 1960’s, when stocks were utilized for long term capital appreciation and long before high flying stocks like Tesla, Google or Amazon were ever around.
  • Most indicators that were created for commodities and currencies are lagging indicators that reflect what already happened in the past, instead of offering forecasting value.

Retail traders search for the next big winner…while professional traders focus on consistent and predictable overall account growth.

  • The retail trader equates successful or profitable trading with hitting home runs or finding that one stock that’s going to win big. 
  • Realistically...huge explosive price moves occur infrequently, and not often enough to generate consistent income, month after month.
  • Betting big on any one single position eliminates diversification, tremendously increases risk to your overall account and jeopardizes predictable account growth.
  • Only handful of stocks continue to gain momentum month after month, which limits the number of trading opportunities.

Retail traders sabotage winning trades by using stop orders that are based on arbitrary price levels …that don’t take volatility or other positions into account.

  • Protective stops based on technical indicators do not take volatility or price action into account and that will increase losers and cripple your gains.
  • Moreover, stop loss orders based on arbitrary price levels can cause the trade to be liquidated prematurely before big price move occurs in the desired direction.
  • And I can assure you, that there’s nothing more frustrating than picking the right stock at the right time and seeing it stopped out, right before it shoots off in the right direction.

We Took Solid Trading Principles and Transformed Them into A World Class Trading Strategy

These exact principles have been driving every successful stock trading and investing strategy…over the past 40 years.

  • Relative strength or comparative strength analysis to select fastest growing, large cap NASDAQ stocks that are trading at or near 52 week price highs.
  • Small position cluster of non-correlated stocks to increase diversification, turbo charge profit potential and decrease risk per trade to a minimum.
  • Position rotations to catch stocks that are gaining strength and rotate out of stocks that are losing momentum.
  • Adjust volatility to ensure we select stocks that are continuing to gain momentum and price appreciation over the next 2 week rotation cycle.
  • Diversify with bonds to offset risk, increase percentage of winning trades, decrease account volatility and more importantly…increase overall profits.

Avoid roadblocks that cause the great majority of retail traders to lose…before they get a fair chance to win big!

  • No lagging indicators to trigger buy signal after price ran up several points or cause you to exit the trade…right before price explodes to the upside.
  • No complex waves lines that require geometry lessons or hours of training to master or even comprehend.
  • No subjective mystery patterns that cause you to second guess when to enter the trade, when to exit the trade or how many shares to purchase.

Titan Equity Growth Program delivers “Heavy Duty” hedge fund performance for the average investor.

Based on solid trading and investing principles… that will continue to outperform the stock market for several decades to come!

  • Titan Equity Growth Strategy gained an average annual return of 129.8%, while the SP 500 gained only 9.31% average annual return during the same 6 year time period.
  • Consistently outperforms the SP 500 without wild volatility swings, long term buy and hold or having to stare at your smart phone all day for price updates.
  • Targets the biggest, most liquid NASDAQ tech and growth stocks – those that have strong institutional sponsorship and trade over one million shares daily.
  • Rotates and re-balances positions ever two weeks to maintain exposure in the most aggressive stocks with just the right balance of bond to offset risk.

Every Two Weeks Trade Cluster Is Rotated Based On the Current Market Sentiment, Volatility Level and Overall Position Risk

Not every asset generates big profit...but when you combine all four assets together the gains add up!

Instead of using stop loss orders to mitigate risk…we rotate and diversify stocks with bond ETF to increase percentage of winning trades.

The stock market moved sharply lower but the bonds ETF rallied, offset risk and made profits…as demonstrated in the 2 week trade cluster shown above.

As demonstrated in the cluster example above... instead of barely breaking even, we realized a substantial profit, because the bond ETF rallied and increased the gain on the trade cluster by a whopping $8604.16 in two short weeks.

By including just the right combination of the bond ETF within the cluster, we turned a measly $150.64 gain into a into a highly profitable trade cluster that generated a healthy $8751.15 in two short weeks, while the overall stock market was losing value during the same two week time period.

Imagine just how much smoother your overall equity growth could be…if you added just the right mix of bond ETF to your trading account during a sharp market correction!

Don’t Forget…Every Titan Trade Has a Limited 2 Week Trading Cycle

Maximize your gains and cut losses quickly on every trade cluster select. Titan Equity Growth strategy holds trade clusters for two week period of time.

That means every two weeks you rotate into the best performing stocks and out of stocks that are losing strength and momentum.

Your hard earned money only rotates into the biggest, most powerful tech and growth stock companies in the world, the same stocks that are consistently outperforming the broad stock market.

These are the same stocks that provide the most resilience during short term stock market corrections and lead to faster, more aggressive overall account growth.

Position Yourself for Aggressive Price Gains!

Titan targets the fastest rising tech and growth stocks… the same stocks that the largest funds on Wall Street accumulate day in and day out.

Tesla stock increased in value $25.96 profit per share in only two weeks…that’s a big 24.25% gain in only 10 trading sessions!

Amazon stock gained an explosive $62.65 profit per share in only 2 weeks…that’s a huge 12.50% price gain in only 10 trading sessions!

Baidu stock gained a whopping $23.11 profit per share in only 2 weeks…that’s an impressive 14.75% price gain in only 10 trading sessions!

When the stock market sells off…the Bond ETF comes to the rescue. Increase percentage of winning trades and minimize overall account risk with just the right concentration of bond ETF in every 2 week trade cluster.

When stocks lose value...TMF ETF gained $5.32 profit per share in only 2 weeks…that’s a massive 25.33% price gain in only 10 trading sessions!

Solid Performance and Proven Track Record
Of All Issued Trades

The average profit for every dollar at risk is $3.16…that's over 589 trades and 6 year's time period.

The average percentage of winning trades over the last 6 years is close to 70%.

Only minutes of work every two weeks…without watching the market all day.

No analysis needed…you will know when to enter and exit each trade. There’s no second guessing what stock to trade or how many shares to buy.

We provide completely objective, easy to understand trade alerts and position updates.

You get crystal clear entry and exit instructions posted to your member’s portal and emailed to your inbox to give you plenty of notice before the bi-weekly rotation occurs.

The portfolio spreadsheet inside the member’s area shows all open positions and closed trades.

We even give you the same portfolio spreadsheet to download with all the formulas, ready to go... so that you can keep track of your trades just like a pro.

You don’t need a huge trading account to take advantage of the Titan Equity Growth can start with a small account and build it up with aggressive position sizing.

SP 500
Buy And Hold

Titan Income

Titan Aggressive

Invest $5,000
No Reinvestment
6 Years

Invest $5,000
No Reinvestment
6 Years

Invest $5,000
Reinvest All Profits
6 Years

$4,398 Profit

$28,988 Profit

$1,332,741 Profit

If you invested $5,000 into the SP 500 in the beginning of 2010 and held the position for 6 years... the gain would equal a measly $4,398.00.

Titan Income Growth doesn’t reinvest profits back into the Titan program. If $5,000 was invested into each trade cluster for six years, the gains would equal an impressive $28,988…that’s 6 times the profit that you would make from the SP 500 during the same period of time.

Titan Aggressive Growth utilizes aggressive bet sizing by reinvesting all profits back into the Titan program.

If you invested $5,000 in the beginning of 2010 and kept reinvesting all gains for 6 years, the increase or profit would equal a jaw dropping $1,332,741. 00

Inside your member’s portal, you will find 2 spreadsheets that include all closed trades as well as the open positions for each two week trade cluster.

Download the spreadsheets or track the performance online... the choice is yours.

Turbo Charge Your Profit Potential Up to 10x More…Titan Equity Growth Program Thrives with Options!

Leverage aggressive price gains with the most liquid tech and growth Call options…they can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of the underlying stock and offer amazing leverage as well as profit potential.

Buying a call option gives you unlimited profit potential without actually owning the stocks…but your risk is limited to the cost of the option at all times.

Titan Equity Growth strategy thrives with options contracts because top growth and tech stocks generate powerful price moves and provides high liquidity, which reduces slippage.

Earlier, I demonstrated how Tesla stock increased in value $25.96 per share in only two weeks…that’s a gain of 24.25% in only 10 short trading sessions.

If you purchased the near term TSLA at the money call option for $5.12 and held the position for the 2 week rotation, the option would increase 5 times in value…that’s over 503% return in 2 short weeks.

Don’t forget…the fixed 2 week rotation period gives you the chance to buy weekly options, knowing precisely ahead of time when the option will be closed out…eliminating the need to waste money on time premium that you will never get to use.

Options Titan Video Tutorial Included...Get Started With Options in 3 Simple to Follow Steps

Step by step video tutorials will show you precisely how I substitute stocks and ETFs with low risk call options…that target aggressive returns with limited risk.



Learn to select the strike price that will give you the highest profit potential and optimal sensitivity to the price movement of the underlying stock.

Discover how to select the right options expiration date and how weekly option can give you just the right amount of time…so you don’t have to waste money on unnecessary options premium value.

Follow my simple step by step method for working the order to ensure that the best price fill goes to you instead of the market maker…this one simple technique can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Options give you the opportunity to increase your leverage and profit potential for a fraction of the cost you pay for the underlying stock.

Bonus – Eliminate All Guesswork…Get My Screened and Selected Call Options Profit Clusters Every 2 Weeks!

Options traders can profit from the Titan Equity Growth Program with simple to understand and easy to follow options clusters…included with your membership.

We select the call option that fits our 3 simple step criteria in each 2 week cluster, so that you can focus on increasing profits instead of searching for the perfect option to buy.

Each 2 week rotation includes hyper targeted call option for each of the 3 stocks and one Bond ETF assets that make up the next profit cluster…we do the heavy lifting to save you precious time and money.

We spoon feed you the strike price, expiration date and even the suggested entry price…all based on the current implied volatility and overall market sentiment.

Helping you save time, maximize profits and limit your risk….without having to spend countless hours analyzing different options contracts.

Titan Equity Growth Program Gives You Everything You Need To Generate Aggressive Returns!

There’s no need to analyze market action or read earnings reports…we do the heavy lifting and spoon-feed you every trade.

Titan Private Members Portal - You get 24/7 access to your personal members portal. Check the latest rotation alerts or read the daily updated analysis online..

Get instant access to up to the minute portfolio tracker. View the getting started videos or read the daily updates inside your secure member portal.

Titan Getting Started Videos - Step by step videos explaining the methodology and the dynamics that drive the Titan Equity Growth Strategy.

Learn to incorporate Titan income growth and aggressive growth money management into your own trading and how to enter and exit the bi-weekly profit cluster, effortlessly.

Option Titan Videos - Clear and concise video instructions to show you how we select the highest profit potential option using 3 simple to follow steps.

The videos will show you how we identify the strike price with the highest profit to risk ratio, how to target the right amount of time premium and how to work the order to increase gains.

Profit Cluster Alerts - Each 2 weeks profit cluster will include a detailed email and SMS text alert that will identify the profit cluster 24 hours before the next rotation occurs.

Clear instructions give you the exact percentage of equity that goes into each of the 3 stocks and into the Bond ETF…so that you’re prepared to take action every 2 week, like clockwork.

There’s no ambiguity, subjective decision making or multiple choices…you get clear, concise instructions that tell you exactly what to buy and what to sell.

Options Cluster Picks – Each rotation includes hyper targeted call option selection for each of the 3 stocks and one Bond ETF assets that make up the next profit cluster.We provide the strike price, expiration date and even the suggested entry price… so that you can focus on increasing profits instead of searching through complex options chains.

Daily Position Updates – Detailed update on all open positions are posted Sunday through Thursday and provide the closing price for each of the four positions that make up the current profit cluster.

Portfolio Tracker –Your member’s portal provides portfolio tracking spreadsheet for both the Titan income and aggressive portfolios. See details of every trade issued since program started and track current profit cluster.

Download pre-configured sample spreadsheet from the member’s portal and keep track of your closed trades and open positions.

Daily Coaching – Exclusive access to premium coaching and analysis reports, updated Sunday through Thursday.

Concise, step by step market analysis that will inform you…and teach you how to make sense of day to day market action using relative strength, market internals tactics and volatility levels.

E-mail Support - If you have any questions about the Titan Equity Growth Program, simply send us an email for priority support. Full-time support staff available 7 days per week, ready to answer all question.

A Small Group of My Beta Testers Got Access…These Were Just a Few of Their Comments

Consistent Gains!

"Joining your program was a great decision. Not only do I understand the difference between professional traders and retail traders, but I’m finally able to achieve consistent gains. I’ve abandoned my outdated strategies and won’t look back. Thank you." Francis T. - San Diego

End the Month Profitably!

"My bond position not only offset my risk but helped me end the month profitably. I was skeptical and hesitant but after several months of trading several rotations, I’m one satisfied customer. I appreciate your help tremendously." Bob C. – Orlando

Double Digit Growth

"Before I joined your program, my idea of profitable trading was finding that one big winner, that one stock that kept moving higher. But now I’m focused on generating overall account gains and minimizing my risk on every trade. After 9 years of hit and miss trading, I’m finally on my way to end the year with double digit growth." James H. – Sacramento

I Wish I Found Out About You Sooner

"Rotating into strong stocks and out of weaker once is such a simple yet powerful approach – it’s hard to imagine trading any other way. I’ve finally given up my outdated indicators and look forward to applying relative strength to my investments. I wish I found about you sooner." Fred G. – Detroit

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Titan Equity Growth Program


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Options Cluster Picks


Bonus 3
Options Titan 3 Step Video


Total Value


You’re Protected by our 100% Performance Guarantee

Your purchase is protected by our 100% performance guarantee. If the Titan Equity Growth program does not outperform the SP 500 over the next 12 months, I will give you an additional 12 months at no additional cost, that’s how confident I am that the Titan Equity Growth program will continue to outperform the SP 500.

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Now it’s Time to Take Action…

Don’t continue trading and investing the same way and expect different result.

Most retail traders continue to reuse the same dated indicators and inefficient trading tactics that lost their edge decades ago…while the financial market becomes increasingly efficient over time.

The Titan Equity Growth program gives you the potential to turn every $10k into $2.66m. That’s an annual average return of 129.8% during the entire six year period.

You owe it to yourself to include the Titan Equity Growth Program in your portfolio…enroll now give yourself the potential to leverage maximum account grow, month in and month out.


Roger Scott
Head Trader
Market Geeks

P.S. There’s no struggling with complicated strategies or having to adjust stop loss orders…the Titan Equity Growth Strategy can help you achieve your financial goals without complicated trade analysis or wasting valuable hours following market action.

With clear 2 week rotation cycles, your money will always rotate into the strongest profit cluster, designed to maximize gains and minimize risk, while targeting aggressive overall account growth.

Keep in mind, there’s limited space in the Titan Equity Growth Program…don’t procrastinate and jeopardize your opportunity for consistent gains.

Don't Miss Your Chance...Enroll In the Titan Equity Program Before All Spots Are Taken!

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 1 Year Enrollment

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P.P.S . You never have to worry about what stock to buy or when to exit the trade…we send you an alert and keep you updated every step of the way.

And if you trade options, the profit potential can be even 10x higher and your risk will be limited to the premium or the cost of the option that you purchased.

Don’t hesitate for another minute and sign up for TITAN Equity Growth Program today before all spots are taken…your chance to join me ends soon!


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