Folks… I’m at a loss for what I’m seeing right now.

Employment data came out just now… with an unprecedented 2.5 million jobs gained in May.

The overall consensus was -11 million to -3.5 million, and that number just blew every investor's expectation out of the water.

This could be exactly what that the market needs -- as I write this the S&P 500 is up 2%.

But that's not the only shocking thing I'm seeing with the S&P 500...

Check it out below.

In today’s video I’m also covering how different the sectors shape the overall stock market… why bonds are moving lower right now… whether tech will continue to lead… and the big danger I'm seeing in the market.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

There's a reason why most new traders fail.

The truth is that the majority of popular trading strategies that novice traders latch onto simply don't work. 

Wall St. even has a term for those that use those strategies... "dumb money." And they actively profit by betting against those traders.

It's fairly predictable... which is how I was able to turn the tables on big, institutional traders.

So now I want us to start taking advantage of their moves... using a relatively unknown indicator that has us capturing up to 479% gains in just a week.