What a week it's been, especially since it’s barely Tuesday!

Yesterday’s brutal sell-off was the worst in 30 years with markets closing 11% lower.

Moves of 4%-plus have become the norm for now, so we need to stay nimble in order to prosper during these volatile times.

Watch how I’m trading

In today’s video I’m also covering how the coronavirus is affecting the charts… the sectors I love and hate right now… the weakest stocks in the market… and how to use insider trading to your advantage. 

Roger Scott
Head Trader, Market Geeks

Folks, as you know now more than ever is the time to pay special attention to insider buying, as massive moves are taking place behind the scenes. 

And we want to pull back the curtain on what’s happening and why it matters.

So we reached out to America’s #1 insiderand he’s got a lot to say...

This ultimate insider has been profiled in The New Yorker and he’s written for The New York Times. His qualifications are undeniable, and he’s ready to unveil never-before-heard details of the wealthy elite...

Details that could show you how to copy their trades… and put you on the path to wealth.