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Swing Trading Lab

Swing trade stocks and options using several high probability pullback and breakout tactics that trade long and short.

Options Income Formula 

Generate consistent weekly and monthly options income with limited risk credit spreads and iron condor spreads.


Aggressive bi-weekly stock rotation strategy that rotates into growth and tech stocks that are outperforming the market.

Floor Traders Edge 

Day trade stocks using two highly reliable trading systems that target consistent profits in bull and bear markets.

Market Cycle ETF

Aggressive ETF system that rotates bi-weekly between 4 different U.S. assets that profit in bull and bear markets.

Velocity Options Trader

Directional options pullback strategy that targets limited risk call options that are undervalued and ready for big gains.

Top Ranked Trading Education 

Gravity Pullback 

Gravity pullback strategy targets temporary price pullbacks away from the main trend in bull and bear market conditions. No indicators to download or install.

V-Bounce Volume Spike

The V-Bounce Swing Trading strategy identifies institutional volume moving aggressively into stocks and ETFs before price spikes. No indicators to download or install.

Sniper 7 Momentum 

The Sniper-7 is a short term momentum strategy that was created for swing trading stocks, ETFs and currency contracts. No indicators to download or install.

4 Hour Trading Workshop

Short Term Trading Workshop is a 4 hour "heavy duty" streaming video course for traders who want to succeed. Includes 4 fully disclosed swing trading strategies. 

Options Geeks 101 & 102

Master practical options trading principles and methods. Includes 16 modules and over 2 hours of HD video instruction to help you master options from A to Z.

MAC - 10 Breakout

Top performing swing trading strategy based on combination of price action and volatility.Back tested across hundreds of stocks, ETFs, futures and currencies.