The market is finally more subdued than what we’ve been experiencing lately. As I write this, markets are up a very normal 1%. 

I expect this is mostly thanks to actions from governments and banks across several countries. 

Last night, for example, markets rallied as the European Central Bank promised to enact a wave of bond purchases, pumping about $820 billion into financial markets. Here in the U.S., the Fed also announced late Wednesday their plan to establish an emergency lending facility. 

Both of these measures are aimed to make sure that borrowing costs remain down and that the bank's low rates can be felt throughout the economy. 

It looks to me like other central banks are finally following the Fed’s lead, and that bodes well for the market.

These measures should bring liquidity into the market and flood the economy with cheap money. 

Watch how the Fed is trying to ensure a booming economy for years to come in the video

In today’s video I’m also covering support levels for equities and energy markets… where I’m expecting crude oil to head… update on coronavirus epidemic… my top three NASDAQ stocks… and an important lesson on ATR.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

P.S I know these are troubling and chaotic times.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic... a bear market... and record volatility. I get why the majority of traders are fearful.

But now is not the time to roll into a ball and hide. It’s during turbulent times like this moment that the biggest opportunities appear.  

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