Investors are spooked, and the markets are reflecting that.

The U.S. stock market fell this morning, following Europe and Asia’s lead amid mounting tensions between Washington and China. 

Bullish investors who were looking past the current economic woes to focus on signs of recovery now seem to be bracing for what could become another trade war…

Yesterday, China officially approved a law that essentially says Washington can no longer treat Hong Kong as an independent body from Beijing… taking away its status as one of the major centers for finance and trade.

And believe it or not, that isn’t even the biggest news I have to share with you this week -- personal income and outlays data just came in, and I’m completely shocked by the numbers I’m seeing.

See the report below.

In today’s video, I’m also covering how unemployment data will impact the stock market… which sector will lead the next few weeks… which sector is overbought… and which index has the most upside potential.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

Any good gambler knows you never tip your hand -- and you always save your best card for last…

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