The biggest market-moving news continues to be coronavirus. 

China by far has the most confirmed cases, with about 64,000. But the virus continues to spread… there’s now 250 cases in Japan, a big jump from the two dozen or so a few days ago.

But overall, the markets seem to be shrugging off the news. Even in China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has rallied 6% since Feb. 3 -- leading me to believe that markets believe the worst is behind us.

It might be an “old” story that causes more market headaches for China and the U.S. -- the trade war saga. The U.S. is accusing a major Chinese tech company of stealing trade secrets… 

See which company and how it could poison the trade deal.

Today I’ll also cover what will happen to markets if President Trump is re-elected… a major earnings update… where I expect double-digit growth… the market’s hottest stocks.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

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