Swing Trading Mentor – More Important Than You Think

Do I Need A Swing Trading Mentor ?

Today I want to discuss a very important topic that affects most traders, especially traders who are starting out. If you follow my training videos or read any of my articles you probably know by now that I believe the most important time for a trader is the first 6 months after starting out.

Unlike many other professions or activities, trading has a major impact on your psychological makeup. Before you begin trading, this part of your brain or your nervous system is not affected in anyway so when you begin trading, your mind does not have any past experiences to compare and contrast.

This changes drastically after you start and actually begin to build real experiences in the market. Unfortunately, for most traders the first few experiences or events do not turn out as expected and most people do one of three things.

The first group of people quit trading, the actual experience does not match their expectation and they get turned off very quickly and forget all about it.

The second group of people also had a similar experience, but their desire to learn was much stronger than their emotional discomfort, so they continue to trade till they ran out of money or actually learn how to do it properly. This is the category where the majority of traders who stick around for more than a few months end up.

Then there’s the third group of people, this group is a bit different than the first two groups because they actually were introduced or started trading because they knew someone who was already a successful trader. This group of traders had someone hold their hand and helped them overcome the most difficult hurdle that rises very high for most traders.

The negative psychological impact that trading has on you during the first few months you start trading can be so strong that most traders have a very difficult time overcoming it.

As I have stated many times in the past, many people who have the talent and the ability to become great traders never do so because they couldn’t overcome the negative mental energy that they developed during the first few months of their trading career.

Imagine for a minute that you were born with the natural ability to become a professional basketball player. Now imagine for a minute that every time you played a ball game as a child you were injured, your desire to continue playing would probably diminish greatly.

To give you a real life example, I know a professional guitar player who comes from a very talented family of musicians. When he was 6 years old his father who was a professional piano teacher tested his pitch and found that he had an incredible gift for music.

His father was very strict and when my friend tried to play piano, his father would be very hard on him and hit his fingers with a ruler each time he made a mistake.

This had such a devastating effect on the child that he got completely turned off the piano and picked up the guitar several years later on his own, after his father passed away.

Several years later, my friend started playing piano again and was told that if he started earlier he would have been one of the greatest piano players of this Century, both siblings are concert piano players in fact.

My point is simple, if you start out on the right foot your chances of achieving your goal are tremendously increased in your favor. I met several wonderful traders who almost gave up many times because of the difficulty they experienced when first starting out.

If this group of traders did not start trading with a swing trading mentor, the odds are they would be doing some thing different today. Interestingly, many of these traders fine tuned their skills by being a swing trading mentor for other less experienced traders.

What Can Swing Trading Mentor Do For Me?

A good swing trading mentor can help you with the biggest problem that plaques most traders, understanding the psychological aspect of trading and how to bridge this gap as quickly as possible.

Some Ways Swing Trading Mentor Can Help You:

  1. Accepting losers as part of the game.
  2. Understand that losing has nothing to do with your abilities
  3. Develop trading methods that fit your personality.
  4. Make sure your method has a positive expectancy.
  5. Introduce you to bet sizing method that works with your strategy.

These issues are very important and must be addressed during the first few months after you begin trading. If you need help finding a swing trading mentor, we are here to help.

Market Geeks has been training swing traders for several years and can help you become a successful trader.

Remember, starting on the right path is the most important part to long term successful trading.

Wishing you the best in your trading career! For more on this topic, please visit: Stock Swing Trading Techniques – How To Balance Or Equalize Your Positions and Short Swing Trading – Selling Short Has Advantages

Roger Scott
Senior Trainer
Market Geeks