We might finally have the information we’ve been waiting for… President Trump wants good news that’ll help the economy, but not for the reasons you think…

I expect this to be the major catalyst the market needed: a resolution to the U.S./China trade war.

In the meantime, the strung out market is doing no favors for the S&P 500… things are looking stagnant and here’s why.

I also want to cover:

  • The 3 strongest S&P 500 stocks you need to start watching now.
  • The 3 top NASDAQ stocks.
  • The best time to start buying.
  • How to win in a market that’s difficult to trade in.

Roger Scott

Head Trader, Market Geeks

P.S. We’re in a tough market... no doubt about it. But there's still solid setups if you know where to look.

In just the past three weeks, I've closed a 49%, 34%, 48% and 55% winner.

It's all thanks to the ‘holy grail’ of timing systems. It is tailor-made to make quick gains in today's market.